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Hi Kevin. You have a brilliant writing style that makes my travelling experiences seem superficial and touristy compared to the authenticness of your travels. You inspire me to change the way I travel. Your photography is complementary to the stories. I've also travelled through Sudan but never got close to your camel photo. Just stunning. Keep up the stories - you are doing all the countries in my bucket list .

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A wonderful read as always, making me reconsider if my finely posed portraits and mundane landscapes are really worth the effort...

A point to the article: I Googled “Azande talking drum” and saw nothing like what you described, nor anything resembling the photo of the carving. Lost to history?

You mentioned getting your first break as a sort of stand-in mistaken photojournalist. I take it you always travelled with a camera. Was the photography a crucial part of your career as a journalist or could you have done without?

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I'm going to have to search for a photo of that drum. Some of them were so huge they could accommodate more than one drummer sitting on top. When I started travelling I thought the camera would create the essential record that I would look back on, but now I know it was the notebooks. Not that I'm encouraging you to stop taking pictures: "finely posed portraits" sounds interesting and worthwhile.

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