Thanks to everyone who has liked, commented or shared this story, and previous ones. It is noticed and much appreciated. If there's a book title you'd like to share, please do drop a comment. I'm always looking for stuff to read. Conrad, you are a stalwart, I'd wonder where I'd gone wrong if you didn't 'like' a story!

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Buttercup Red Kuri and maybe Hokkaido or Blue Ballet. All available from Tamar seeds

Off to Dorset for a few days walking with a bag of salad greens in my rucksack from my bursting polytunnel.

Marion x

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Scarey reading Kevin. Love from the vegetable garden. Just recovered from Covid. Caught it as I was setting off on a four day bike ride. So did 56 miles on covid day one. Not sure it helped!

Hope we meet up again one day. X

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